Neofect Shoulder Brace

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The NEOFECT Shoulder Brace is bobath-type sling which is used to support the hemiplegia shoulder. In order to prevent shoulder dislocation or subluxation, it is important to have the proper support.

Use of supportive sling or shoulder support can be an effective way to prevent subluxation or dislocation. Existing bobath slings can be uncomfortable for the user to wear due to pressure in the axillary. The NEOFECT Shoulder Brace was invented to improve fit and comfort while providing support to the hemiplegic shouder.

NEOFECT Shoulder Brace is for

- Rotator Cuff Injury

- Hemiplegic dislocation or subluxation

- After Surgery management

- Relief Shoulder Pain

Material Features

Materials were specially selected to enhance ventilation and comfort.

- Air-Mesh: Helps keep the shoulder and brace well-ventilated.

- Band Weaving: For strong yet comfortable straps.

- Airprene: Perforated neoprene fabric helps maintain flexibility to support natural shoulder movement.

- Memory Foam: Hugs and conforms to the individual.