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Coronavirus Update


Coronavirus Update: CEO Scott Kim pledges immediate in-home telehealth solutions to ensure continued patient access to upper limb rehabilitation.

"COVID-19 must not stand in the way of a patient’s access to continued physical therapy." - Scott Kim, CEO, Neofect USA

The healthcare system and healthcare provider community are continuing to develop responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. Simultaneously, there’s discussion about the impact to patient access to therapy. 

At Neofect, we serve high-risk patients recovering from stroke and other acute neurological trauma. Approximately 750,000 Americans have a stroke each year, 55% of whom are over the age of 65. These patients remain at high risk during their recovery, and frequently seek rehabilitation services. There’s undoubtedly a portion of this population who also experience underlying or acquired complications which may place these individuals at additional clinical risk. 

With the advisories from key agencies in the healthcare system, there‘s a rapidly developing need for solutions to help minimize additional exposure to risk. Recently, healthcare agencies, including Medicare and private insurance companies, have put forward policies encouraging telehealth and remote patient care as a key measure to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We are actively engaging with government and healthcare system stakeholders to deliver our solutions with telehealth remote physical therapy technology to patients who cannot access clinics. For this at-risk population, availability of continued upper-limb physical therapy is crucial to recovery from stroke, as data shows continued therapy is correlated with improved clinical outcomes. Therapists are also able to remotely guide patients to ensure they’re optimizing their rehabilitation and can make adjustments to the treatment plan.

We’ll continue to offer solutions to address the needs of patients during this pivotal time in healthcare delivery. We stand committed to our patients’ health.