Personal Information Treatment Policies

[NEOFECT] Personal Information Treatment Policies
[NEOFECT] (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) very seriously takes into consideration protection of customers’ personal information,
The Company hereby notifies customers for what uses and in what ways it uses the personal information provided by its customers
and what measures it takes to protect the personal information. When the personal information treatment policies are amended,
the Company will notify customers thereof through the website notifications (or individual notifications).

■ Items of Personal Information to be Collected and Collection Methods
The Company collects the following personal information for purposes of providing membership services, including membership subscriptions, consultations, prevention of wrongful uses:
* When subscribing for a membership : names, dates of births, gender, IDs, passwords, e-mail addresses, addresses, mobile phone numbers, telephone numbers, and such personal information of the legal representative of the subscriber under age 14.
* When applying for any services : addresses, payment related information.
The Company may collect records of the use of services, access logs, cookies, access IPs, payment records, and records of wrongful use of the customers, in the course that the Company provides its services to customers or fulfills its duty.

■ Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes:
– Payment of costs incurred as a result of performing agreements on provisions of services or providing services, provisions of the contents, purchases or cost payments,
deliveries of goods or sending bills, etc., verifying identifications for financial transactions, and financial services
– Membership management
To verify identifications for uses of membership services, to identify individuals, to prevent wrongful uses of bad members or unauthorized uses, to verify intents for subscriptions,
to verify ages, to verify the consent of the legal representative for collecting personal information of minor under age fourteen (14),
to handle civil complaints including handling grievances, to convey notifications
– Use for Marketing and Advertisements
To convey information for advertisements including events, to figure out contact frequencies, to obtain statistics on service uses by members

■ The period of Retention and Use of Personal Information
In principle, after the purposes of collecting and using personal information have been fulfilled, the Company shall without delay destroy relevant information; provided,
however, that the Company shall retain personal information for a certain period of time where it is required to do so for purposes of confirming transactions related management
and rights under the provisions of relevant laws including Korean Commercial Code and ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC. as follows:
– Records on agreements or withdrawals of offers : five (5) years (ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC.)
– Records on payments and supplies of goods : five (5) years (ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC.)
– Records on complaints of consumers or dispute resolutions : three (3) years (ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC.)


– Records on visits (log-ins) : three (3) months (PROTECTION OF COMMUNICATIONS SECRETS ACT)

■ Destruction Procedures and Methods for Personal Information
The Company in principle shall without delay destroy relevant information after the purposes of collecting or using personal information have been fulfilled.
The destruction procedures and methods shall be as follows:
– Destruction Procedures
The information provided by users for use of the services is moved to a separate database after the purposes have been fulfilled (to a separate document storage in the case of written personal information),
and destroyed after the information has been saved for a certain period of time according to the information protection reasons under the internal policies or other relevant laws
(for your reference, see the retention and use period for personal information in this policy).
The personal information separately moved to a database is not used for purposes other than the purpose of being preserved unless it is so required by laws.
– Destruction Methods
* The personal information printed out in sheets shall be shredded by paper shredders or destroyed by way of incineration.
* The personal information saved in an electronic file format shall be deleted with the use of technical methods in which records cannot be regenerated

■ Provisions of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Company uses the personal information of users within the scope that users have consented to the “Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information,”
but does not use the personal information of users in excess of the scope without prior consent of users or in principle does not disclose the personal information
of users to the outside; provided, however, that exceptions are made in the following cases:
– Where users have given a prior consent thereto; or
– Where there is required under the provisions of laws or requested by investigating agencies according to the procedures and methods prescribed under the laws for investigation purposes.

■ Delegation of Handling Personal Information
In the event that the Company handles the personal information of users by delegation to ensure smooth handling of duties,:

■ Rights of Users and their Legal Representatives and the Exercise Methods
– Users and their legal representatives may at any time review, inquire or change their registered personal information, and also may request terminations of applications for membership(withdrawals of consents).
– Users and their legal representatives may read, correct personal information or withdraw from membership after passing an identification verification procedure by clicking on the “Change of Personal Information”
(or “Change of Member Information”, etc.) in order to inquire or change the personal information of users or by clicking on the
“Withdrawal from Membership” in order to terminate their membership (withdraw their consents).
– Otherwise, if a user contacts the personal information control manager in writing, by phone or e-mail, the Company shall take measures without delay.
– Where a user has requested corrections of errors in the personal information, the Company does not use or provide the personal information until the corrections are completed.
Also where the wrong personal information has been previously provided to a third party, the Company will make corrections by notifying a third party without delay of the results of corrections.
– The Company handles the personal information terminated or deleted upon request of users or their legal representatives as specified in the “Retention and Use Period of Personal Information,”
and take measures to ensure that the personal information is not read or used for any other purposes.

■ Matters on Operation of Cookies
The Company operates cookies, etc. that frequently save and find out information of users (persons who get access). Cookies are very small text files sent to your browser by the server used
to operate the website, which are saved to your computer hard disk. The Company uses cookies for the following purposes.
– The purpose of using cookies, etc.
Performing target marketing activities and providing customized services by analyzing the access frequencies or visit hours, etc. of members and nonmembers who intend to use cookies, etc.,
figuring out users’ preferences and interested fields and following traces, figuring out various event participations and the number of visits, etc.
You have the option to install or refuse to install cookies. Therefore, by selecting an option in your web browser, you may allow all cookies, pass confirmations whenever cookies are saved, or otherwise refuse the savings of all cookies.
– How to Refuse Installation of Cookies
By selecting options in your web browser, you may allow all cookies, pass through confirmations whenever cookies are saved, or otherwise refuse the savings of all cookies.
– How to change options for the Installation of Cookies (In case of the Internet Explorer) : Tool on the top of the web browser > Internet Option > Personal Information
– Provided, however, that if you have refused the installation of cookies, the Company might have difficulties providing the services.

■ Contact Information of Personal Information Control Manager
The company has designated the authorized relevant department and the personal information control manager in order to protect personal information of customers and handle personal information related complaints as follows:

– You may report to the personal information control manger or the relevant department any complaints regarding all personal information protection incurred in using the Services of the Company.
– The Company will promptly give sufficient answers as to the reports of users.
– If you need other reports or consultations for personal information infringements, please ask inquiries to the following institutions.